–  Selling a business involves long-ranged, strategic planning on several issues.  The skills required are quite different from those used to develop and grow your business.

–  Your business isn’t just another asset.  It is a living monument to your late-night homework and early-morning deadlines. It is an accumulation of your sweat, equity and lifetime achievement.

–  The decision to sell or buy a business can be the most important decision of your life. Turning your operation into cash is a complex affair involving hundreds of variables. You face an uncertain economy, unbridled  competition, sophisticated buyers and, without professional guidance, you face them alone.

–  Business sales intermediaries have professionally orchestrated hundreds of business sales transactions.

–  With our worldwide affiliation, our members’ business offerings are regularly presented to numerous potential domestic and international buyers looking to relocate to our area.


Fact #1:  One out of four American businesses changes hands each year.

Fact #2:  The vast majority of all business sellers are first-time sellers, unprepared to meet the complexities and time demands of a business sale transaction. 

Fact #3:  Over 50% of all small-to-medium sized businesses sales are done by sellers without the use of professional help. This is why most result in low prices, transactional problems and ultimate dissatisfaction or default.


Mistake #1: Entering the marketplace at the wrong time.

Mistake #2: Selling to the wrong buyer.

Mistake #3: Inability to justify their asking price.

Mistake #4: Inability to portray their business’ future.

Mistake #5: Structuring the sale improperly.

Mistake #6: Allowing external factors (age, health, etc.) to dictate the sale.

Today’s business buyer demands reliable financial and operational information that can be confirmed.  National Business Brokerage specializes in business sales and acquisitions ranging in price from $50,000 to several million dollars.  We are selective in the clients we engage.  We have a policy of representing only serious sellers that are fully prepared for the process. Having serious sellers makes National Business Brokerage an attractive option to serious buyers.


The vast majority of all business buyers are first time buyers, unprepared to meet the complexities of a business acquisition. However, whether you are considering your first acquisition or are a seasoned investor, you can look to National Business Brokerage for assistance in every phase of the transaction. The following summarizes the key elements of the business acquisition process as professionally conducted by us.

In preparation for an initial meeting with us, the business buyer should complete our Buyer Response Form. By completing the form, you will send an email to us with the information provided or you can print the confirmation page and fax it to us. This, along with subsequent discussion relating to your personal goals and objectives, will provide an adequate starting point to begin a detailed search of our large listing inventory database in order to develop a selection of “target” businesses for your review.


This is where our professional edge can really make a difference in a successful acquisition. We will make every effort to provide you with pertinent information on a target company’s financial performance, staffing, facilities, equipment, lease, inventory, customers and market areas served. In most cases we will have tax returns, customer lists and other important information readily available for you. Where we cannot provide verification of information given to us, we will advise you accordingly.

Before disclosing the names or information about a business, you will be required to sign a standard “Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure” form which, in most cases, is required by the business owner.


For the most part, fees are earned on a success basis. This is to say, if we are successful in selling your business, then you normally will not pay our fees until closing. If you need us to procure business documents to help you defend your selling price, or you are a business buyer seeking our services, then we will agree in advance as to what the costs will be.

In every instance our initial meeting is FREE!  Call us to discuss your objectives and get an idea as to what your business might be worth. (501) 207-0999.